artbizroad Introduction

Important Questions For Artist:

  1. Does anyone, or anything, close to you challenge or dismiss your desire and efforts to create art?

  2. Are health and/or financial issues causing feelings of anxiety or fear?

  3. Is there a conflict between you and someone(s) where interaction with them distracts you by causing feelings of anger?

  4. Can trending headlines and articles in the news, about economic, environmental, political or social issues cause you to worry or feel negative emotions?

  5. Are you trying to succeed in your art practice, but something always seems to stand in your way, and you find it difficult to navigate around?

Within the past 24 hours, if you have experienced negative feelings related to any of the above, and you can answer yes to one or more of these questions – “Thinking (& responding) artfully” and the artbizroad 10-Milestone Workshop, only available at, can change your life, and guide you on your journey to – That, which you DO want!

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